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The Surreality of It All (03/28/20)

We headed out this morning with the sunrise for our normal 10 mile weekend walk, and was once again astounded by the surreality of the 'new normal!' Even on the weekends the streets surrounding our neighborhood are busy—lots of retail, restaurants, services, hotels, distribution centers, fulfillment facilities. And though early morning weekends are definitely slower than the weekdays, still nothing compared this this morning's emptiness!

Nobody! Two hours out on the streets, and we counted a total of 11 cars that passed us—and not one single other walker. On an interesting note, during that same period there were 62 trucks that passed us—a very good sign that commerce is still moving. We are surrounded by some of the largest distribution centers in SoCal—and they are staying busy (definitely a positive).

The huge, hundred-plus store mall next door—shuttered and a ghost town for the last week. At least half of the two dozen hotels in the area—completely closed. The regional international airport—not a sound from the runway for the two hours we walked around through the area surrounding it. Normally, the planes are coming and going almost every minute during busy periods!

The dominant sound during our two hour walk were birds, everywhere! Including several gaggles of geese squawking like crazy as they migrated north. And the local lakes down the street completely filled with ducks (probably 100 of them) and the two resident white egrets.

Something else missing that I am not sure whether is good or bad—homeless. This area is normally a transient home to several dozen homeless at any given time. This morning, over the same route we normally walk, not a single homeless person. Where did they go? Did this crisis actually get them all moved to a shelter? Hoping that is the case. I'm hoping one positive of the start of this pandemic is that our homeless find some safety and refuge from exposure.


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