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When I was a kid, I was in awe of the great libraries of the world, and even the small-town libraries I had access to. As an adult I started collecting those editions that fit within my "world view." So my library and its collection is not necessarily for those who enjoy true "reading," but it's filled with visual and creative inspiration editions.

The Time is Now
A Call to Uncommon Courage
The Complete Woodblock Prints
of Yoshida Hiroshi
Japanese Woodblock Prints
The Complete Works
The Power of Your
Subconscious Mind
NY Skyscrapers Modern Masters
Contemporary Architecture
From Cold War to Hot Peace
Hiroshige Manage Your Day-to-Day
Build Your Routine...
The Laws of Human Nature Skylines
A Journey Through 50 Skylines...
Life is Short,
Don't Wait to Dance
What to Say
When You Talk to Yourself