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title subtitle ISBN category
...isms Understanding Modern Art Art
…isms Understanding Architectural Styles 0-7893-1380-4 Arch
10 X 10 100 Architects 10 Critics 0-7148-3922-1 Arch
10 X 10 / 2 100 Architects 10 Critics 0-7148-4441-1 Arch
10 X 10 / 3 100 Architects 10 Critics Arch
100 Churches of Venice and the Lagoon arch
100 Contemporary Concrete Buildings Arch
100 Hotels + Resorts Arch
100 More of the Worlds Best Houses Arch
100 Most Beautiful Cities of the World A Journey Across Five Continents 0-7858-1887-1 City
100 of the World's Best Houses 1-876-9074-2-8 Resd
100 of the World's Tallest Buildings 3-927258-60-1 Stru
100 of the World's Tallest Buildings Arch
100 Top Houses from Down Under 1-86470-141-2 Resi
100 Years of Architecture Arch
1000 X Architecture of the Americas Arch
1000 X European Hotels Arch
1000X Landscape Architecture Land
1001 Buildings You Must See Before You Die The World's Finest Architectural Masterpieces 978-0-7893-1564-9 Buil
21st Century Hotel 0-7892-0859-8 Type
21st Century London The New Architecture Arch
25 Years of Record Houses From the Editors of Architectural Record 0-07-002357-3 Arch
30 Bridges 0-8230-5354-7 Stru
403 Color Paintings of Wassily Kandinsky Art
50+ Great Bathromos by Architects 1-86470-144-7 Resi
A Flower for the Dead The Memorials of Bogdan Bogdanovic Arch
A History of Art 1-56619-872-0 Art
A History of Interior Design 0-471-46434-1 Inte
A History of Russian Architecture 0-295-98394-9 Arch
A History of Western Architecture Third Edition 0-8230-2273-0 Arch
A Pictorial History of Architecture in America Volume 1 and 2 0-393-04453-X Arch
A World History of Architecture 0-07-141751-6 Worl
Abstract Art A Global History Art
Abstract Art A Global History Art
Ad Hoc at Home Family Style Recipes Culi
Adventurous Wine Architecture 1-92074-433-9 Type
AE Architecture in the Emirates Arch
AE Architecture in the Emirates 978-3-8228-1396-6 Regi
After Modern Art 1945-2000 Art
After the Ruins 1906 and 2006 Rephotographing the San Francisco Ea 0-520-24556-3 City
Ai Weiwei Art
Airports A Century of Architecture 0-8109-5012-X Type
Alber Oehlen Art
Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Fash
Alhambra 0-8478-2251-6 Buil
Alvar Aalto 0-7148-3710-5 Arch
Alvaro Siza Complete Works 0-7148-4004-1 Arch
Alvaro Siza The Function of Beauty Arch
Amber Window to the Past 0-8109-1966-4 Art
American Castles A Guide to the Architecture and Furnishings of Cas 0-498-01254-9 Arch
American Castles A Pictorial History 0-7624-0203-2 Arch
American Country Churches 1-56138-789-4 Type
American Country Houses of the Gilded Age 0-486-24301-X Resi
American Dream The Houses at Sagaponac, Modern Living in the Hamp 0-8478-2568-X Resi
American Masterworks The Twentieth Century House 0-8478-1894-2 Resi
American Splendor The Residential Architecture of Horace Trumbauer 0-926494-22-8 Arch
American Synagogues A Century of Architecture and Jewish Community 0-8478-2549-3 Type
American's Great Houses More Than 150 Outstanding Mansions 0-7922-7424-5 Regi
America's Painted Ladies The Ultimate Celebration of Our Victorians 0-14-023857-3 Peri
An Outline of World Architecture 0-7064-0256-1 Arch
Anatomy of Architecture 0-89479-043-9 Arch
Anatomy of the Castle 1-58663-194-2 Type
Ancient Chinese Architecture Vernacular Dwellings 3-211-83008-1 Regi
Ancient Mosaics 0-691-00404-8 Art
Ando Complete Works 3-8228-2164-0 Arch
Andy Warhol Portraits 0-500-09237-0 Arti
Angkor 3-8290-0504-0 Buil
Angkor Cambodia's Wondrous Khmer Temples 978-962-217-727-7 Buil
Angkor Splendors of the Khmer Civilization 0-7607-3760-6 Buil
Anime Architecture Imagined Worlds and Endless Megacities 978-0-500-29452-9 arch
Antoni Gaudi 3-8228-7077-3 Arch
Antoni Gaudi 081094625-4 Arch
Antoni Gaudi 3-8320-7741-9 Arch
Antoni Gaudi 1852-1926 1-904313-20-5 Arch
Antonio Gaudi Master Architect 0-7892-0220-4 Arch
Arcadian Architecture 12 Houses 0-9746800-0-1 Resi
Arch 0-8109-1993-1 Art
Architects Today 1-85669-369-4 Mode
Architectural Encounters with Essence and Form in Modern China 0-262-18219-X Regi
Architectural Ornament Banishment and Return 0-393-73046-8 Deta
Architecture A Visual History 0-7607-5519-1 Worl
Architecture Fin-de-Siegle Arch
Architecture From Prehistory to PostModernity Second Edition 0-8109-0607-4 Worl
Architecture Key Moments in the Evolution of the City 0-600-59212-X Worl
Architecture San Francisco, The Guide 0-89286-204-1 City
Architecture The Critics Choice 150 Masterpieces 0-8230-0289-6 Arch
Architecture + Process Gehry Talks 0-8478-2165-X Arch
Architecture 3 Arts and Crafts Houses 1 0-7148-3875-6 Resi
Architecture 3 Arts and Crafts Houses 2 0-7148-3874-8 Resi
Architecture 3 Arts and Crafts Masterpieces 0-7148-3876-4 Resi
Architecture 3 City Icons 0-7148-3873-X City
Architecture 3 Contemporary California Houses 0-7148-3871-3 Resi
Architecture 3 Frank Lloyd Wright 0-7148-3869-1 Arch
Architecture 3 Lost Masterpieces 0-7148-3872-1 Stru
Architecture 3 Pioneering British High Tech 0-7148-3880-2 Regi
Architecture 3 Places of Worship 0-7148-3877-2 Type
Architecture 3 Twentieth Century Classics 0-7148-3868-3 Peri
Architecture 3 Twentieth Century Houses 0-7148-3870-5 Resi
Architecture 3 Twentieth Century Museums 1 0-7148-3878-0 Type
Architecture 3 Twentieth Century Museums 2 0-7148-3879-9 Type
Architecture and Geometry In the Age of the Baroque 0-226-32783-3 Arch
Architecture and the Environment Bioclimatic Building Design 0-87951-819-7 Arch
Architecture as Philosophy The Work of Imre Makovecz 3-932565-56-8 Arch
Architecture de Verite 0-7148-4003-3 Buil
Architecture for the Gods 1-86470-005-X Arch
Architecture in the Twentieth Century 3-8228-1162-9 Hist
Architecture Now! 25th Anniversary Edition 3-8228-4091-2 Mode
Architecture Now! Green Arch
Architecture Now! Houses 2 Arch
Architecture Now! Museums Arch
Architecture Now! Volume 01 3-8228-6065-4 Mode
Architecture Now! Volume 02 3-8228-1594-2 Mode
Architecture Now! Volume 03 3-8228-2935-8 Mode
Architecture Now! Volume 04 3-8228-3989-2 Mode
Architecture Now! Volume 05 978-3-8228-1810-7 Mode
Architecture Now! Volume 06 3-8228-1594-2 Mode
Architecture Now! Volume 07 Arch
Architecture Now! Volume 08 Arch
Architecture Now! Volume 09 Arch
Architecture Now! Volume 10 Arch
Architecture Now! Wood Arch
Architecture of Silence Cistercian Abbeys of Frnace 0-8109-4116-3 Regi
Architecture of Spain Reference Guides to National Architecture 0-313-31963-4 Regi
Architecture of Thailand A Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Forms 0-500-34223-7 Regi
Architecture of the Middle Ages 3-89985-053-X Peri
Architecture of the Old South 1-55859-044-7 Regi
Architecture of the World Baroque 1 3-8228-9300-5 Arch
Architecture of the World China 3 3-8228-9657-8 Arch
Architecture of the World Gothic 5 3-8228-9304-8 Arch
Architecture of the World Greece 6 3-8228-9308-0 Arch
Architecture of the World India 7 3-8228-9301-3 Arch
Architecture of the World Islamic India 8 3-8228-9302-1 Arch
Architecture of the World Ottoman Turkey 14 3-8228-9310-2 Arch
Architecture of the World Romanesque 13 3-8228-9659-4 Arch
Architecture of the World The Roman Empire 12 3-8228-9305-6 Arch
Architecture of Today 2-87939-134-2 Arch
Architecture Reborn Conversion and Reconstruction of Old Buildings 1-85669-129-2 Type
Architecture Today 0-7148-3617-6 Arch
Architecture Today 3-89985-049-1 Mode
Architecture Tomorrow 2-87939-286-1 Mode
Architecture Unbound A Century of the Disruptive arch
Architecture: Form, Space & Order 0-442-21535-5 Arch
Architecture:Art 3-7913-3279-1 Arch
Arquitectonica 0-8478-2697-X Arch
Art Over 2,500 Works Art
Art The Definitive Visual Guide Art,
Art = Discovering Infinite Connections in Art History Art
Art in Venice 0-8109-4204-6 City
Art Invention House 0-8478-2735-6 Resi
Art Journey Abstract Painting Art
Art Nouveau in Catalonia 3-8228-8255-0 Regi
Art of the 20th Century Art
Art Spaces Architecture & Design 3-937718-79-6 Type
Art Treasures of the Vatican Architecture-Painting-Sculpture 0-13-049064-4 Arch
Artists and Their Books Books and Their Artists Art
At the End of the Century One Hundred Years of Architecture 0-8109-1986-9 Arch
Atlas of Brutalist Architecture Arch
Auguste Rodin Sculptures & Drawings 1-56619-906-9 Arti
Australia Architecture & Design 978-3-937718-77-4 Regi
Bali Houses New Wave Asian Architecture and Design 0-7946-0013-1 Regi
Banksy You Are An Acceptable Level of Threat arti
Banksy You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat Art
Barcelona and Catalonia 0-7566-1536-4 Regi
Barcelona Art Nouveau 0-8478-2220-6 City
Barons of Business Their Lives and Lifestyles 0-88363-842-8 Resi
Baroque Architecture, Sculpture, Painting 3-89508-917-6 Styl
Basquiat Art
Bathrooms 0-06-05892-1 Inte
Bathrooms Just Add Water 1-84091-357-6 Resi
Bauhaus 1919-1933 Art,
Beauty's Rigor Patterns of Production, Luigi Nervi Arch
beeple everydays, the first 5000 days art,
Beijing The New City Arch
Beijing 798 Art, Architecture and Society in China 988-97262-3-8 Regi
Beijing and Shanhai 978-0-7566-2500-9 Regi
Bell Towers of Paris A Stroll Through the City of Light 0-8109-5489-3 City
Bernard Maybeck Visionary Architect 1-55859-280-6 Arch
Bernini And the Art of Architecture 0-7892-0115-1 Arch
Best Tall Buildings A Global Overview of 2015 Skyscrapers Arch
Best Tall Buildings A Global Overview of 2016 Skyscrapers Arch
Between Earth and Heaven The Architecture of John Lautner Arch
Bicknell's Victorian Buildings Floor Plans and Elecations for 45 Houses 0-486-23904-7 Arch
Big Shed Arch
Biltmore Estate The Most Distinguished Private Place 0-8478-1811-X Arch
Black Architecture in Monochrome Arch
Blobitecture Waveform Architecture and Digital Design 1-59253-000-1 Mode
Blueprints Twenty-Six Extraordinary Structures 0-671-41973-0 Arch
Bordeaux Chateaux A History of the Grands Crus Classes 1855-2005 2-0803-0458-5 Regi
Brazil's Modern Architecture 0-7148-4292-3 Mode
Brick Arch
Brick A World History 0-500-34195-8 Type
Bridge Architecture + Design Arch
Bridges 1-56799-445-8 Stru
Bridges The Spans of North America 0-393-05056-4 Stru
Bridges Three Thousand Years of Defying Nature 0-7603-1234-6 Stru
Bridges Triumph of Engineering 0-7607-6225-2 Stru
Britain Then and Now 1-84188-095-7 Regi
Brunelleschi's Dome How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture 0-8027-1366-1 Arch
Buddhist Stupas in Asia The Shape of Perfection 1-86450-120-0 Regi
Building a Masterpiece The Sydney Opera House 0-85331-941-3 Buil
Building a New Millenium 3-8228-6390-4 Mode
Building Construction Illustrated 0-442-21532-0 Arch
Building Images Seventy Years of Photography 0-8118-2657-0 Worl
Building in New York The Rise and Rise of the Greatest City on Earth 0-7893-1362-6 City
Building in the New Millenium Architecture of the State of the 21st Century Arch
Building Sights 1-85490-421-3 Worl
Building Tate Modern Herzog and de Meuron Transforming 1-85437-292-0 Buil
Building the Getty 0-375-40043-5 Arch
Building the Great Cathedrals 0-8109-4017-5 Cath
Buildings & Landscapes Lake | Flato Architects 1-59253-135-0 Arch
Buildings in Wood Architecture's Oldest Building Material 0-8478-2746-1 Type
Burning Man Art on Fire Art
Butabu Adobe Architecture of West Africa 1-56898-413-8 Regi
C20th Architecture The structures that shaped the century 0-87951-912-6 Arch
CA Contemporary Architecture 1-876-907-87-8 Mode
Calatrava Complete Works 1979-2007 978-3-8228-4711-4 Arch
Calatrava Complete Works 1979-today Arch
Calder and Abstraction Art
California Architecture Historic American Buildings Survey 0-87701-553-4 Arch
Canada 0-7894-9561-9 Regi
Canaletto Art
Canterbury Cathedral 0-935748-16-4 Cath
Caribbean Style 0-500-23455-8 Regi
Carlo Scarpa Architecture and Design arch
Castles England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland 0-7153-2212-5 Type
Castles Great Britain, Ireland and Europe 0-7607-8911-8 Type
Castles Illustrated Guide of 80 Castles of England and Wal 0-517-26196-0 Arch
Castles Their Construction and History 0-486-24898-4 Arch
Castles and Palaces of Europe 90-366-1702-2 Type
Castles in Ireland Feudal Power in a Gaelic World 0-415-16537-7 Arch
Castles of Scotland Past and Present 0-7607-2798-8 Regi
Catalogue Foster and Partners 3-7913-3298-8 Arch
Catalonia Art, Architecture, Landscape 3-8290-2703-6 Regi
Cathedrals 1-56799-346-X Cath
Cathedrals of Europe 0-8014-3781-4 Type
Cathedrals of the World 88-544-0178-1 Cath
CCCP Cosmic Communist Constructions Arch
Cesar Pelli Recent Themes 3-7643-5902-1 Arch
CH Architecture in Switzerland 3-8228-3973-6 Regi
Chambord Five Centuries of History Arch
Chateaux of the Loire 3-8228-8256-9 Arch
Chateaux of the Loire 1-86064-164-4 Regi
Chateaux of the Loire Valley 3-89508-598-7 Arch
Chicago 0-8478-2659-7 City
Chicago 0-7894-9562-7 Regi
Chicago Architecture and Design 1872-1922 Birth of a Metropolis 3-7913-2344-X City
Chicago Architecture and Design 1923-1993 Reconfiguration of American Metropolis 3-7913-2345-8 City
Chicago Architecture and Design Revised and Expanded 0-8109-5892-9 City
Chicago Then and Now 1-57145-278-8 City
Chichu Art Museum Tadao Ando Builds for . . . 3-7757-1460-X Buil
Chihuly Through the Looking Glass Art
China 0-7566-0919-4 Regi
China Modern 0-7946-0098-0 Mode
China's New Dawn An Architectural Transformation 3-7913-3270-8 Regi
Chinese Architecture 0-300-09559-7 Regi
Chinese Houses An Architectural Heritage of a Nation 0-8048-3537-3 Regi
Church Builders 0-471-97755-1 Type
Churches 0-06-029438-3 Type
Churches and Cathedrals Masterpieces of Architecture 0-7651-92211-7 Type
Churches and Cathedrals of London 1-85974-554-7 City
Churches Cathedrals Monasteries Sacred Germanic Architecture 3-89985-056-4 Type
Churches of Rome 0-86565-990-7 City
Cistercian Abbeys History and Architecture 3-89508-894-3 Type
Classic Country Estates of Lake Forest Architecture and Landscape Design 1856-1940 0-393-73099-9 City
Classic Houses of Portland, Oregon 1850-1950 0-88192-433-4 Regi
Claude Parent Art
Cloisters of Europe Gardens of Prayer 0-670-03025-2 Type
Codex Seraphinianus 40th Edition, 1981-2021 manu
Collection Houses Arch
Collection Landscape Architecture Land
Color in Three-Dimensional Design 0-07-141170-4 Inte
Colors of Solace Art
Complete Bathroom Design 30 Floor Plans, Plus Fixtures… 1-59253-040-0 Resi
Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture 0-87070-282-3 Arch
Contemporary American Architects Volume I 3-8228-9454-0 Arch
Contemporary American Architects Volume II 3-8228-8589-4 Arch
Contemporary American Architects Volume III 3-8228-8187-2 Arch
Contemporary American Architects Volume IV 3-8228-7426-4 Arch
Contemporary Asian Architects Volume I 3-8228-8670-X Arch
Contemporary California Architects Volume I 3-8228-8671-8 Arch
Contemporary European Architects Volume I 3-8228-9753-1 Arch
Contemporary European Architects Volume II 3-8228-9455-9 Arch
Contemporary European Architects Volume III 3-8228-9264-5 Arch
Contemporary European Architects Volume IV 3-8228-8596-7 Arch
Contemporary European Architects Volume V 3-8228-8070-1 Arch
Contemporary European Architects Volume VI 3-8228-7432-9 Arch
Contemporary Japanese Architects Volume II 3-8228-8434-0 Arch
Contemporary Japanese Architecture arch
Contemporary Landscapes Arch
Contemporary World Architecture 0-7148-3743-1 Arch
Converted Reinventing Architecture Arch
Cosimo de' Medici And the Florentine Renaissance 0-300-08128-6 City
Cosmatesque Ornament Flat Polychrome Geometric Patterns in Architecture 0-393-73037-9 Deta
Cosmos of Light The Sacred Architecture of Le Corbusier Arch
Country Churches 1-56799-588-8 Type
Country Houses of the Czech Republic and Slovakia Arch
Courthouses of California An Illustrated History 1-890771-49X Regi
Crystal Palaces Garden Conservatories of the United States 1-56898-242-9 Type
Cuba 400 Years of Architectural Heritage 0-8230-1129-1 Arch
Cubism The Leonard A. Lauder Collection Art
Cy Twombly Paradise Art
Dallas Then and Now 1-57145-470-5 City
Damascus Hidden Treaures of the Old City 0-500-01946-0 City
Dan Flavin The Architecture of Light 0-8109-6926-2 Arch
Daughters of Painted Ladies America's Resplendent Victorians 0-525-48577-5 Arch
De Koonig Art
Decorative Floors of Venice 1-85894-108-3 City
Desert Architecture Arch
Design Hotels New Perspectives 84-96424-44-8 Type
Destination Architecture The Essential Guide to 1000 Contemporary Buildings arch
Details A Guide to House Design in Britain 3-7913-2969-3 Resi
Details in Architecture 1 Creative Detailing of the World's Leading Architec 1-8754984-9-4 Deta
Details in Architecture 2 Creative Detailing of the World's Leading Architec 1-8647003-8-6 Deta
Details in Architecture 3 Creative Detailing of the World's Leading Architec 1-8647009-3-9 Deta
Details in Architecture 4 Creative Detailing of the World's Leading Architec 1-87690-757-6 Deta
Details in Architecture 5 Creative Detailing of the World's Leading Architec 1-87690-780-0 Deta
Details in Design 1-92074428-2 Deta
Dictionary of Architecture and Construction Fourth Edition 0-07-145237-0 Arch
Dig it! Building Bound to the Ground phot
Discover Your Dream Home Lindal Cedar Homes 0-9625396-6-X Resi
DOMUS I 1928-1939 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
DOMUS II 1940-1949 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
DOMUS III 1950-1954 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
DOMUS IV 1955-1959 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
DOMUS IX 1980-1984 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
DOMUS V 1960-1964 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
DOMUS VI 1965-1969 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
DOMUS VII 1970-1974 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
DOMUS VIII 1975-1979 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
DOMUS X 1985-1989 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
DOMUS XI 1990-1994 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
DOMUS XII 1995-1999 3-8228-3027-5 Arch
Drawing Architecture Arch
Dream Homes Metro New York Arch
Dream Homes New Jersey Arch
Dream Houses South Florida Showcase of South Florida's Finest Architects 1-933415-00-2 Arch
Dream Palaces The Last Royal Courts of Europe 0-8656-5228-7 Type
Dream Pools and Gardens 84-8185-203-1 Land
Dubai Architecture & Design 3-937718-47-8 City
Early Medieval Architecture 0-19-284223-4 Arch
East Meets West Global Design for Contemporary Interiors 0-8478-2036-X Inte
Eero Saarinen 0-7148-4277-X Arch
Eero Saarinen An Architecture of Multiplicity 1-56898-340-9 Arch
Ely Jacques Kahn, Architect Beaux-Arts to Modernish in New York 0-393-73114-6 Arch
England's Thousand Best Churches 0-713-99281-6 Regi
England's Thousand Best Houses 0-670-03302-2 Regi
Entryways of Milan Arch
ES Architecture in Spain Arch
ES Architecture in Spain 978-3-8228-5261-3 Regi
Essential Gaudi 0-75255-353-4 Arch
European Church Architecture 1950-2000 3-7913-2744-5 Type
Evolo Skyscrapers 2 150 New Projects arch
Evolo Skyscrapers 3 arch
Experiencing Architecture 0-262-68002-5 Arch
Eyewitness Companions Architecture 0-7566-1732-4 Hist
Falling Water A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House 0-89659-662-1 Arch
Falling Water Frank Lloyd Wright's Romance with Nature 0-7893-0072-9 Arch
Fine Marble in Architecture Studio Marmo 0-393-73074-3 Deta
Flavor Culi
Florence: The City and its Architecture 0-7148-3911-6 City
Fonthill The Home of Henry Chapman Mercer 0-9645844-2-5 Arch
Form + Code In Design, Art, and Architecture Art,
Foster Catalogue 2001 3-7913-2401-2 Arch
FR Architecture in France 978-3-8228-5257-6 Regi
France 0-7894-9387-X Regi
France From the Air 88-8095-362-1 Phot
Frank Gehry 1-58663-674-X Arch
Frank Gehry The Masterpieces arch
Frank Gehry Architect 0-8109-6929-7 Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright 1-56619-722-8 Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright 0-312-30331-9 Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright A Visual Encyclopedia 1-57145-187-0 Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright Force of Nature 1-880908-50-6 Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright Master Builder 0-7893-0098-2 Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright The Complete 1925 Wendeingen Series 0-486-27254-0 Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright The Houses 0-8478-2736-4 Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright Design 1-56619-658-2 Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect 0-7148-3854-3 Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright's Stained Glass and Lightscreens 0-87905-610-X Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright's House Beautiful 0-688-16736-5 Arch
Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin and Taliesin West 0-8109-3991-6 Arch
Frank O Gehry: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao 0-8109-6907-6 Arch
Frank O. Gehry Guggenheim Bibao Museum 3-930698-32-3 Arch
Frank O. Gehry The Complete Works 1-885254-63-6 Arch
Frank O. Gehry The Complete Works 1-904313-15-9 Arch
French Art Deco Arch
French Country Hideaways Chateaus and Manors in Rural France 0-8478-2682-1 Regi
Gardner's Art Through the Ages Seventh Edition 0-15-503758-7 Art
Gaudi Complete Works 1852-1926 978-3-8228-5654-3 Arch
Gaudi The Complete Works 3-8228-4072-6 Arch
Gaudi The Complete Works Art
Gaudi of Barcelona 0-8478-2062-9 Arch
Gehry Talks Architecture + Process = Inventing It 0-8478-2165-X Arch
Generative Art A Practical Gude Using Processing Art,
Gerhard Richter Panorama Art
German Castles and Palaces 0-86565-207-4 Regi
German Gothic Church Architecture 0-300-08321-1 Type
Germany Architecture, Interiors, Landscape, Gardens 0-75380-151-5 Regi
Ghost Towns of Northern California 0-89658-442-9 Regi
Gio Ponti fash
Glass Design 3-937718-35-4 Desi
Glass in Architecture 0-7148-4098-X Type
Gothic Architecture, Sculpture, Painting 3-8290-1741-3 Styl
Gothic Architecture 0-300-08799-3 Styl
Gothic Gargoyles 1-885440-25-1 Arch
Gothic Style Architecture and Interiors from the 18th Century t 0-8109-3381-0 Styl
Grand Interiors Arch
Great Architecture of the World History from Stonehenge to the Twentieth Century 0-517-256010 Arch
Great Bathrooms by Architects 1-86470-144-7
Great Britain 0-7894-9385-3 Regi
Great Buildings of San Francisco A Photographic Guide 0-486-23839-3 Arch
Great Buildings of the World The World's Most Influential… 1-932273-23-9 Arch
Great Cathedrals 0-517-425858 Cath
Great Cathedrals 0-8109-3297-0 Type
Great Escapes Inspirational Homes in Stunning Locations 1-84172-106-9 Resi
Great Glass Buildings Designing with Glass: 50 Moddern Classics 1-864701-12-9 Type
Great Gothic Cathedrals of France A Visitors Guide 0-14-029707-3 Regi
Great Houses of England & Wales Arch
Great Houses of Europe From the Archives of Country Life 1-85410-849-2 Regi
Great Houses of Scotland 0-8478-2038-6 Regi
Great Houses of Texas Arch
Great Houses of the Hudson River 0-8212-2767-X Regi
Great Irish Houses and Castles 0-8109-3365-9 Arch
Great Lodges of the Canadian Rockies 0-9653924-2-2 Regi
Great Monasteries of Europe 0-7892-0829-6 Type
Great New Buildings of the World Works from Tadao Ando to Zaha Hadid 0-06-074792-7 Arch
Great Villas of the Riviera 0-8478-2070-X Regi
Greece From the Air 0-8109-4125-2 Regi
Green Architecture 3-8228-6303-3 Type
Greene & Greene Masterworks 0-8118-1878-0 Arch
Greene & Greene The Passion and the Legacy 0-87905-847-1 Arch
Gustav Klimt Art
Gwathmey Siegel Buildings and Projects 1965-2000 0-7893-0401-5 Arch
Gwathmey Siegel Houses 1-58093-015-8 Arch
H2O Architecture 1-86470-114-5 Arch
Hadia Sophia Architecture, Structure of Justinian's Great Churc 0-500-27945-4 Buil
Hadid Complete Works 1979-2013 Arch
Hampton Court A Social and Architectural History 0-300-10223-2 Buil
Harry Potter The Blueprints arch
Hearst Castle The Biography of a Country House 0-8109-3415-9 Buil
Hearst Castle San Simeon 0-517-460823 Arch
Heavenly Vaults From Romanesque to Gothic Arch
Heritage of Britain 0-517-424371 Arch
Hidden Tuscany Unusual Destinations and Secret Places 0-8478-2223-0 Regi
High Gothic Classic Cathedrals of Chartres, Reims, and Amiens 0-691-00372-6 Arch
High Steel Building the Bridges Across San Francisco Bay 0-89087-859-5 Stru
High-Rise Living 1-58685-410-0 Resi
Hilma af Klint Paintings for the Future Art
Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht Buildings and Projects 3-932565-39-8 Arch
Hip Hotels New York 0-500-28618-3 Type
Hiroshige Art
Historic Britain From the Air 0-75380-217-1 Regi
Historic Houses and Gardens Castles and Heritage Series 0-7627-0881-6 Regi
Historic Houses of Britain 0-688-03467-5 Arch
Historic Inns of England 1-85375-372-6 Regi
Historic Ireland 5,000 Years of Ireland's Heritage 0-7607-3081-4 Regi
Hokusai Art
Hokusai's Landscapes Arti
Holy Terrors Gargoyles on Medieval Buildings 0-7892-0182-8 Arch
Home The Twentieth Century House 0-8230-2330-3 Resi
Homes for Our Time Contemporary Houses Around the World arch
Homes for Our Time 2 Contemporary Houses Around the World arch
Houses Steven Ehrlich Arch
Houses and Palaces of Andalusia 0-8478-2147-1 Regi
Houses of God Religious Architecutre for a New Millennium 1-92074497-5 Type
Houses of Worship History and Style of American Regligious Architect 1-57145-970-7 Type
Hybrid Space New Forms in Digital Architecture 0-8478-2203-6 Mode
I. M. Pei 0-517-10299-4 Arch
I. M. Pei A Profile in American Architecture 0-8109-3709-3 Arch
Ice Architecture Arch
Icons of Architecture The 20th Century 3-7913-1949-3 Arch
Icons of Renaissance Architecture 3-7913-2841-7 Peri
Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture 0-486-24444-X Arch
Images of an Age: San Francisco 77-91034 City
Images of Fin-de-Siecle Architecture and Interior Decoration 0-87011-906-0 Worl
Images of The Gamble House Masterwork of Greene & Greene 0-9643119-1-7 Arch
Imagining Ground Zero Official and Unofficial Proposals 0-8478-2657-0 Buil
Infinity Pools 0-06-089340-0 Arch
Inksanity Arti
Inksanity II Arti
Inksanity the Third Arti
Inside Barcelona Discovering the Classic Interiors of Barcelona 0-7148-3759-8 Regi
Inside London Discovering the Classic Interiors of London 0-714-8385-35 Regi
Inside New York Discovering the Classic Interiors of New York 0-714-8385-35 Regi
Inside Outside Between Architecture and Landscape 1-56496-631-3 Resi
Inside Rome Discovering the Classic Interiors of Rome 0-714-8385-35 Regi
Inside the Vatican 0-7922-5297-7 Buil
Intelligent Spaces Architecture for the Information Age 1-85669-097-0 Arch
Interior Architecture Now 978-1-85669-520-6 Inte
Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925 How a Radical Idea Changed Modern Art art,
Ireland History, Culture, People 0-7624-1269-0 Regi
Is It Ours? Art, Copyright, and Public Interest Art
Islamic Art and Architecture From Isfahan to the Taj Mahal 0-500-51100-4 Regi
Italian Futurism 1909-1944 Arch
Italian Splendor Great Palaces, Castles, and Villas 0-7893-0011-7 Arch
Italian Villas 0-7892-0804-0 Regi
Italy from the Air 88-8095-274-9 Regi
Jackson Pollack Art
Jacques Tati The Complete Works Art
Japanese Detail Architecture 0-87701-546-5 Regi
Japanese Detail Architecture 0-8118-3675-4 Regi
Japanese Woodblock Prints 1680-1938 Art
Jean-Michel Basquiat Art
Jewish Museum of the World 0-88363-681-6 Buil
Joan Miro The Ladder of Escape Art
John Sloane Architect Master of Space and Light 0-300-01895-2 Arch
Jones Studio Houses Sensual Modernism Arch
Jorn Utzon The Sydney Opera House 88-435-7805-7 Buil
JP Architecture in Japan 3-8228-3988-4 Regi
Juha Leiviska and the Continuity of Finnish Modern Architecture 0-471-48967-0 Regi
Julia Morgan Architect 0-7892-0019-8 Arch
Julius Shulman Architecture and Its Photography 3-8228-7204-0 Arch
Jungle Luxe Indigenous-Style Hotel and Remote Resort Design 1-56496-669-0 Type
Kandinsky Art
Kandinsky A Retrospective Art
Karntner Bildstocke
Kay Nielsen An Enchanted Vision art,
Kazuyuki Ohtsu Illustrations Arti
Key Moments in Architecture The Evolution of the City 0-600-59212-X Arch
Klimt Art
KPF - The Master Architect Series II Selected and Current Works 1-875498-58-3 Arch
Kuniyoshi Monographs of Utagawa Kuniyoshi Art
Kuniyoshi Visionary of the Floating World Arti
LA 2000+ New Architecture in Los Angeles 1-58093-171-5 City
La Tour de 300 Metres 978-3-8228-4148-8 Buil
Landmark Buildings Arizona's Architectural Heritage 1-893860-21-3 Regi
Landscrapers Building with the Land 0-500-34188-5 Arch
LeCorbusier Architect of the Twentieth Century 0-8109-3494-9 Arch
Legorreta + Legorreta New Buildings and Projects: 1997-2003 0-8478-2598-1 Arch
Less Is A Bore PostModern Architecture Arch
Library Architecture + Design Arch
Light Screens The Leaded Glass Windows of Frank Lloyd Wright 0-8478-2306-7 Arch
Liquid Stone New Architecture in Concrete 1-56898-570-3 Type
Living Gaudi The Achitect's Complete Vision 0-8478-2435-7 Arch
Living in Japan 3-8228-4594-9 Regi
Living in Morocco 3-8228-1383-4 Regi
Living in Venice 2-08013-688-7 City
Living on the Water 0-8478-2115-3 Arch
London 0-7894-9383-7 Regi
London A City Revealed 0-8092-2802-5 Regi
Lost Cities 50 Discoveries in World Archaeology 1-56649-003-0 Arch
Lost Europe Image of a Vanished World 0-517-15965-1 Arch
Louis Kahn 0-8109-4226-7 Arch
Luxury Winery Estates Arch
Macro Photography The Universe At Our Feet Phot
MAD rhapsody arch
MAD Works MAD Architects Arch
Magnificent Italian Villas and Palaces 0-8478-2591-4 Buil
Making Toronto Modern Architecture and Design 1895-1975 arch
Manhattan 0-517-456265 City
Manhattan Skyscrapers 1-56898-181-3 City
Man-Made Wonders of the World Arch
Manor Houses in Normandy 3-89508-703-3 Regi
Manor Houses of England 0-86565-156-6 Regi
Marcel Breuer, Architect The Career and the Buildings 0-8109-4265-8 Arch
Mario Botta 3-8228-6612-1 Arch
Masterpieces of Chicago Architecture 0-8478-2596-5 City
Masterpieces of Modern Architecture 0-7607-8239-3 Mode
Materials, Form and Architecture 0-300-09579-1 Desi
Maya Color The Painted Villages of Mesoamerica 0-7892-0215-8 Regi
Meaning in Western Architecture 0-275-49680-5 Arch
Medieval Architecture in Western Europe From AD 300 to 1500 0-19-511241-5 Arch
Medieval Castles of Spain 3-8290-2221-2 Regi
Mediterranean Modern 0-500-34227-X Regi
Mediterranean Villages An Architectural Journey 1-86470-106-4 Regi
Meiji Revisisted The Sites of Victorian Japan 0-8348-0288-0 Regi
Membrane Structures 3-7913-3049-7 Type
Mexican Contemporary World Design 1-55670-557-3 Regi
Miami Trends and Traditions 1-885254-37-7 City
Michelangelo Architect 0-8109-3638-0 Arch
Michelangelo Architect 1-904313-25-6 Arch
Miner Road House Faulkner Architects Arch
Minimalist Houses 0-06-053994-1 Mode
Minimum 0-7148-4354-9 Type
MNM Minimalist Interiors 0-8230-6636-3 Type
Modern Masters of the 20-th Century Interior 0-8478-2211-7 Inte
Modern American Houses Four Decades of Award Winning Design 0-8109-3334-9 Resi
Modern Architecture 0-8109-3816-2 Arch
Modern Architecture Arch
Modern Architecture A Critical History 0-500-20395-8 Mode
Modern Architecture A-L Arch
Modern Architecture M-Z Arch
Modern Art Art
Modern Art 1851-1929 Art
Modern Art Masterworks of Modernism Art
Modern Art Desserts Art
Modern Art in Detail 75 Masterpieces Art
Modern Forms Arch
Modern French Pastry Art
Modern House 2 0-7148-3987-6 Resi
Modern House 3 0-7148-4497-7 Resi
Modern Japanese House 0-7148-4554-X Resi
Modern Masters Contemporary Architecture Arch
Modern Movements in Architecture 0-385-02554-8 Arch
Modern Ruins Portraits of Place Arch
Modern to Classic Residential Estates by Landry Design Group 0-9774672-1-X Resi
Modernism Rediscovered 3-8228-6415-3 Mode
MoMA NOW Highlights from the Museum of Modern Art Art
Monet Art
Monet Water Lilies 0-88363-323-X Arti
Montezuma The Castle in the West 0-937206-72-5 Buil
Monument Builders 0-471-98368-3 Type
Mood Indigo Decorating with Rich, Dark Colors 0-8230-3136-5 Inte
Moorish Architecture in Adalusia 978-3-8228-3103-8 Peri
Moorish Architecture in Adalusia 3-8228-7634-8 Peri
Moorish Style 0-7148-3861-6 Peri
Morphosis 0-7148-4625-2 Arch
Museum Architecture 1-56496-422-1 Arch
My House, My Paradise The Constructino of the Ideal Domestic Universe 1-58423-015-0 Resi
National Museum of Qatar Arch
Natural Stone A Guide to Selection 0-393-73028-X Arch
Neo-Classicism and Romantticism Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing 3-8290-1575-5 Peri
Neuschwanstein 3-930698-33-1 Buil
New Architecture An International Atlas 0-8109-9282-5 Mode
New Architecture Los Angeles Arch
New Architecture New York Arch
New Architecture in Slovenia 978-3-211-71467-4 Regi
New China Architecture 0-7946-0389-0 Regi
New Frontiers in Architecture Arch
New Hotels 0-06-054469-4 Type
New Hotels 2 0-06-074972-5 Type
New Hotels 3 0-06-089343-5 Type
New Houses 36 of the World's Most Spectacular Home Designs 0-06-077999-3 Resi
New Japan Architecture Arch
New Japan Architecture Recent Works by the World's Arch
New London Architecture 1-85894-150-4 City
New Minimalist Architecture 0-06-059917-0 Type
New Minimalist Houses 0-06-089316-8 Resi
New New York Architecture of a City 0-8478-2574-4 City
New Offices 0-06-054470-8 Type
New Organic Architecture The Breaking Wave 1-85675-102-3 Type
New Spiritual Architecture 0-7892-0835-0 Type
New Stone Architecture 0-07-141831-8 Type
New Urban Giants Arch
New Urban Housing Arch
New Vernacular Architecture 0-8230-3199-3 Type
New York 3-8228-0549-1 City
New York 0-7566-1533-X Regi
New York An Illustrated History 0-375-71032-9 City
New York Architecture & Design 3-937718-21-4 City
New York September 11 1-57687-130-4 Buil
New York 1880 Architecture and Urbanism in the Gilded Age 1-58093-027-1 City
New York 1960 Between the Second World War and the Bicentennial 1-885254-85-7 City
New York 2000 Between the Bicentennial and the Millenium 1-58093-177-4 City
New York From the Air An Architectural Heritage 0-8109-8191-2 City
New York New York 0-8478-2497-7 City
New York Then and Now 1-57145-797-6 City
New York Transformed The Architecture of Cross & Cross Arch
New York, Empire City 1920-1945 0-8109-5011-1 City
Next Generation Architecture Folds, Blobs, and Boxes 0-8478-2573-6 Mode
Nicholas Hawksmoor Rebuilding Ancient Wonders 0-300-09699-2 Arch
NL Architecture in the Netherlands 3-8228-3971-X Regi
Northwest Style Interior Design and Architecture in the Pacific No 0-8118-4149-9 Regi
Notre-Dame de Paris 0-8109-8179-3 Cath
NY Skyscrapers Arch
Office and Corporate Interiors 84-96263-49-5 Type
Old Buildings Looking for New Use 64 Examples from Europe Arch
Old Florida Florida's Magnificent Homes, Gardens 0-8478-2563-9 Regi
Old Home. New Life The Resurgence of the British Country House arch
On Distant Shores 1-58093-051-4 Resi
One Thousand Buildings of Londnon 978-1-57912-587-5 City
One Thousand Buildings of Paris 1-57912-316-3 City
One Thousand New York Buildings 1-57912-237-X City
Open House Unbound Space and the Modern Dwelling 0-8478-2472-1 Resi
Open Impressionism Volume II art,
Orangeries Palaces of Glass - Their History and Development 3-8228-7765-4 Arch
Organic Architecture The Other Modernism 1-58685-857-2 Type
Oscar Niemeyer and the Architecture of Brazil 0-8478-1687-7 Arch
Oscar Niemeyer Houses 0-8478-2798-4 Arch
Out of the Square Unique Contemporary Residences 1-86470-143-9 Resi
Outdoor Romms Designs for Porches, Terraces, Decks, Gazebos 1-56496-423-X Resi
Outside Architecture Outdoor Romms Designed by Architects 1-56496-460-4 Resi
Over Europe 1-876778-69-5 Regi
Over Europe 1-887451-20-X Regi
Over London A Century of Change 0-00-220215-8 City
Pacific Modern 0-8478-2765-8 Regi
Painted Ladies San Francisco's Respendent Victorians 0-525-47523-0 Arch
Palaces 1-56799-472-5 Arch
Palaces Masterpieces of Architecture 1-57717-146-2 Arch
Palaces of Naples 0-8478-2216-8 City
Palaces of Sicily 0-84782-126-9 City
Palaces that Changed the World 3-7913-2914-6 Type
Palazzi of Rome 3-8290-1348-5 City
Palazzi of Sicily 3-8290-3449-0 Regi
Palladio The Complete Buildings Arch
Palm Beach An Architectural Legacy 0-8478-2510-8 City
Palm Springs Modern 0-8478-2091-2 City
Paper Sculture Fluid Form art,
Paperclay Art and Practice art,
Paris 0-7894-9389-6 Regi
Paris Architecture and Design Arch
Paris 2000 + New Architecture 978-1-58093-190-8 City
Paris 360 0-679-44285-5 Phot
Paris Architecture and Design 978-3-937718-80-4 City
Paris: A Century of Change, 1878-1978 0-300-02667-6 City
Paris: City of Art 0-8656-5226-0 City
Paul Klee Art
Paul Rudolph Architectural Drawings Arch
Performance Architecture + Design Arch
Performing Architecture Opera Houses, Theatres and Concert Halls 21st Cent 1-8589-4279-9 Type
Persepolis In the Name of God 964-7610-00-9 Buil
Petra 1-85410-461-6 Arch
Petra Jordan's Extraordinary Ancient City 0-7607-2022-3 City
Petra: Rediscovered Lost City of the Nabateans 0-8109-4537-1 City
Petronas Towers The Architecture of High Construction 0-471-49547-6 Buil
Phantoms of the Hudson Valley The Glorious Esttes of a Lost Era 0-87951-617-8 Regi
Piano Renzo Piano Building Workshop 1966-2005 3-8228-5768-8 Arch
Picasso Art
Pilgrimage A Chronicle of Christianity Through The Churches o 1-84188-067-1 City
Pillars of the Almighty f-stop Fitzgerald, A Celebration of Cathedrals 0-688-12812-2 Type
Plan and Section Drawing 0-442-26127-6 Arch
Pleasure The Architecture and Design of Rockwell Group 0-7893-0802-9 Arch
Portrait of Venice 0-8478-2035-1 City
Postmodern Architecture Less is a Bore Arch
Power Places of Kathmandu Hindu and Buddhist Holy Sites in the Sacred Valley 0-89281-540-X Regi
Prairie Skyscaper Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower 0-8478-2754-2 Buil
Princely Rajasthan Rajput Palaces and Mansions 0-8656-5240-6 Regi
Principles of Roman Architecture 0-300-08138-3 Peri
Private Architecture Masterpieces of the Twentieth Century 1-58093-008-5 Resi
Private Newport at Home and in the Garden 0-8121-2848-X Regi
Private Rome 0-8478-2130-7 City
Private Towers 0-8230-4311-8 Resi
Profiles Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design Constulta 0-929374-00-2 Arch
Provence Art, Architecture, Landscape 3-8290-2714-1 Regi
Prussia Art, Architecture, Landscape 3-8290-2590-4 Regi
Pucci fash
Radical Architecture of the Future Arch
Rafael - Pardo Arch
Red Architecture in Monochrome Arch
Reflections on the Pool California Designs for Swimming 0-8478-2014-9 Arch
Renaissance Gothic Arch
Renoir Art
Renzo Piano Building Workshop Complete Works Volume 2 0-7148-3899-3 Arch
Renzo Piano Museums 978-1-58093-189-2 Buil
Residential Designs for the 21st Century An International Collection 1-55407-336-8 Resi
Rethinking the Skyscraper The Complete Architecture of Ken Yeang 0-8230-4553-6 Arch
Re-Use Architecture Arch
Ricardo Bofill Visions of Architecture arch
Ricardo Legorreta Architects 0-8478-2023-8 Arch
Richard Meier 3-8228-9256-4 Arch
Richard Meier 1-9043-1313-2 Arch
Richard Meier Architect 3: 1992-1999 0-8478-1996-5 Arch
Richard Meier Building the Getty 0-375-40043-5 Arch
Richard Meier Museums 1973-2006 0-8478-2835-2 Buil
Richard Rogers Arch
Rievalulx Abbey 0-300-07831-5 Buil
Roberto Bolli Voyage into Beauty phot
Romanesque Architecture, Sculpture, Painting 3-89508-447-6 Peri
Romanesque and Gothic France Art & Architecture 0-8109-4436-7 Regi
Rome 0-8317-7465-7 City
Rome Art & Architecture 3-8290-2259-X City
Rome The World's Cities 0-89009-161-7 City
Rome 360 0-679-44286-3 City
Rome: Palaces and Gardens 2-87939-121-0 Arch
Ross Barney Architects Arch
Royal Palaces 0-7607-1887-3 Type
Sacred Spaces Contemporary Religious Architecture Arch
Sacred Spaces The Awe-Inspiring Architecture of Churches and Cat Type
Sactuary The Temple of Angkor 0-7148-4175-7 Regi
Sagrada Familia Gaudi's Unfinished Masterpiece Arch
San Francisco 0-8109-1609-8 City
San Francisco Architecture of the San Francisco Bay Area 0-9746214-5-5 City
San Francisco Houses After the Fire 3-89508-271-6 City
San Francisco Then and Now 1-57145-156-0 City
San Xavier The Spirit Endures 0-916179-72-9 Arch
Santiago Calatrava 3-8228-7883-9 Arch
Santiago Calatrava Artworks 3-7643-6548-X Arch
Santiago Calatrava Complete Works 3-927258-37-7 Arch
Santiago Calatrava Milwaukee Art Museum, Quadracci Pavillion 0-8478-2701-1 Buil
Santiago Calatrava The Athens Olympics 0-8478-2789-5 Buil
Santiago Calatrava The Bridges 0-7893-1345-6 Arch
Santiago Calatrava The Complete Works 0-8478-2641-4 Arch
Saudi Arabia A Cultural Perspective Regi
Scotland 0-7894-9419-1 Regi
Scottish Royal Palaces The Architecture of the Royal Resiudences during t 1-86232-042-X Arch
September 11, 2001 A Collection of Newspaper Front Page 0-7407-2492-4 Buil
Shanghai Arch
Shanghai Architecture & Design 3-937718-22-2 City
Shanghai Architecture and Urbanism for Modern China 3-7913-3115-9 City
Shigeru Ban 0-7148-4194-3 Arch
Shigeru Ban Complete Works 1985-2015 Arch
Shingle Styles Innovation and Tradition in American Architecture 0-8109-4477-4 Arch
Shopping Centers and Malls 0-934590-20-6 Arch
Shopping Centers and Malls Book Two 0-934590-25-7 Arch
Siena Contructing the Renaissance City Arch
Silent Cities of Mexico and the Maya 0-932076-07-6 Arch
Sir Edwin Lutyens Designing in the English Tradition 0-8109-4080-9 Arch
Sky High 1-903973-33-3 Type
Sky Scrapers 3-7913-3155 Buil
Skylines A Journey Though 50 Skylines Arch
Skylines American Cities Yesterday and Today 0-88363-527-5 City
Skyscraper Vertical Now 0-7893-1005-8 Type
Skyscrapers 1-56799-828-3 Stru
Skyscrapers Form & Function 0-684-80318-6 Buil
Skyscrapers Masterpieces of Architecture 0-7651-9940-8 Stru
Skyscrapers Structure and Design 0-300-10679-3 Stru
Skyscrapers The New Millenium 3-7913-2343-1 Stru
Skyscrapers World's Most Famous and Important Skyscrapers 1-884822-45-2 Buil
Small Houses Contemporary Residential Architecture 0-7893-0974-2 Mode
SOM 89-87223-24-8 Arch
Sometime Lofty Towers A Photographic Memorial 0-7631-5472-5 Buil
Source Book of American Architecture 500 Notable Buildings from the 10th Century to the 156898-025-6 Arch
Soviet Ghosts Arch
Spanish Splendour Palaces, Castles, and Country Houses 0-8478-2626-0 Regi
Spectacular America 0-88363-975-0 Phot
Spectacular China 0-88363-157-1 Refe
Spectacular Egypt 0-88363-844-4 Regi
Spectacular India 0-88363-849-5 Regi
Spectacular Ireland 0-88363-899-1 Phot
Spectacular Israel 0-88363-298-5 Regi
Splendors of Versailles n/a Buil
Splendours of Imperial India 3-7913-3045-4 Regi
Spomenik Monument Database Art,
St. Mark's Basilica in Venice 0-500-28211-0 Buil
St. Pauls The Story of the Cathedral 1-85585-896-7 Buil
St. Peter's 3-8238-0961-X Arch
St. Petersburg Architecture of the Tsars 0-7892-0217-4 City
Stained Glass Masterpieces of the Modern Era 978-0-500-51372-9 Deta
Starchitects Visionary Architects Arch
State Houses America's 50 State Capital Buildings 1-55046-457-4 Type
Stone Designing Kitchens, Baths, and Interiors with Natu 1-58479-290-6 Resi
Stone Age Ancient Castles of Europe arch
Stone Houses Colonial to Contemporary 0-8109-3287-3 Type
Stone Sampler Studio Marmo 0-393-73118-9 Deta
Stone Work Techniques and Projects 0-88266-976-1 Gard
Stonehendge Revealed 0-8160-3720-5 Buil
Stonescaping A Guide to Using Stone in Your Garden 0-88266-756-4 Gard
Store Windows that Sell Book 4 0-934590-27-3 Arch
Stores of the Year Book 4 0-934590-22-2 Arch
Stories in Stone The Medieval Roof Carvings of Norwich Cathedral 0-500-27937-3 Arch
Stroganoff The Palance and Collections of a Russian Noble Fam 0-8109-4196-1 Regi
Structure and Design 23 Projects that Wed Structure and Interior Design 1-56496-604-6 Inte
Structure, Space and Skin The Work of Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners 0-7148-3457-2 Arch
Structures The Way Things Are Built 0-02-000510-5 Stru
Stunning Houses 0-8230-7463-3 Mode
Superlative Emirates Arch
Superstructures The World's Greatest Modern Structures 1-85894-238-1 Type
Supertall Megatall How High Can We Go? arch
Surfaces Visual Research for Artists, Architects, and Desig 0-393-73007-7 Inte
Surrealism Art
Surrealism Beyond Borders art,
Sustainable Architecture Hightech Housing 84-89861-79-X Type
Suvarnabhum Airport Bangkok, Thailand 978-89986-088-7 Buil
Swatt Architects Livable Modern 1-92074-445-2 Mode
Symphony in Stell Walt Disney Concert Hall Goes Up 1-883318-33-5 Buil
Synagogues 2-84576-033-7 Type
Synagogues in Germany A Virtual Reconstruction 3-7643-7030-0 Type
Syphony: Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall 0-8109-4981-4 Buil
Tadao Ando Houses Arch
Tadao Ando Light and Water 1-58093-113-8 Arch
Taj Mahal 1-55859-617-8 Buil
Taj Mahal and the Saga of the Great Mughals 1-85501-590-0 Arch
Tall Buildings 0-87070-095-2 Stru
Tascen's World Architecture Hindu India From Khajuraho to the Temple City of Madurai 3-8228-7649-6 Arch
Taschen's World Architecture Egypt From Prehistory to the Romans 3-8228-8252-6 Regi
Taschen's World Architecture Greece From Mycenae to the Parthenon 3-8228-8578-9 Regi
Taschen's World Architecture High Gothic The Age of the Great Cathedrals 3-8228-7055-2 Regi
Taschen's World Architecture International Style Modernist Architecture from 1925-1965 3-8228-8260-7 Regi
Taschen's World Architecture Islam Volume I Early Architecture from Baghdad to Cordob 3-8228-8561-4 Regi
Taschen's World Architecture New Forms Architecture in the 1990s 3-8228-8579-7 Regi
Taschen's World Architecture The Early Middle Ages From Late Antiquity to AD 1000 3-8228-8261-5 Regi
Taschen's World Architecture The Maya Palaces and Pyramids of the Rain Forest 3-8228-8251-8 Regi
Taschen's World Architecture The Roman Empire Volume 1 From the Etruscans to the Decline of the 3-8228-8562-2 Regi
Taschen's World Architecture The Romanesque Towns, Cathedrals and Monasteries 3-8228-7201-6 Arch
Taschen's World Architecture Turkey From the Selcuks to the Ottomans 3-8228-7767-0 Regi
Ten Books on Architecture 0-521-55364-4 Arch
Terra-Cotta Skyline 1-56898-105-8 Arch
The Abbeys and Priories of Medieval England 0-7607-0055-9 Regi
The Altars and Altarpieces of New St. Peter's Outfitting the Basilica, 1621-1666 0-521-554470-5
The American House Today Architectural Showcase 84-89861-37-4 Resi
The Architecture Book A Companion to the Art and the Science of Architec 0-394-49326-5 Arch
The Architecture of Bart Prince A Pragmatics of Place 0-393-73032-8 Arch
The Architecture of Delano & Aldrich 0-393-73087-5 Arch
The Architecture of Europe 0-907486-05-3 Arch
The Architecture of Parking Arch
The Architecture of Philip Johnson 0-8212-2788-2 Arch
The Architecture of the Italian Renaissance 0-8052-0134-3 Arch
The Architecture of Wine 1-58423-033-9 Type
The Art Museum in Modern Times Art
The Art of Gothic Architecture, Sculpture, Paining 3-8290-1741-3 Arch
The Art of John Harris Volume II Into the Blue art,
The Art of Staircases 84-96263-70-3 Deta
The A-Z of Modern Architecture 2 Volume Box Set 978-3-8228-6313-8 Mode
The Baroque Architecture of Sicily Arch
The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi Glory and Destruction 0-8109-2767-5 Arch
The Blacker House Greene and Greene 0-87905-949-4 Buil
The Brutal World Arch
The Builders Marvels of Engineering 0-7922-7351-6 Stru
The Bungalow American's Arts & Crafts Home 0-670-86353-X Arch
The California Missions A Pictorial History 64-22823-612 Regi
The Castle in Medieval England & Wales 0-76070-054-0 Arch
The Castles of Friuli History and Civilization 3-8290-2257-3 Regi
The Cathedral of Saint Fin Barre At Cork 1-84682-023-5 Arch
The Century of Artists' Books Art
The Chateaux of France by the Editors of Ralites-Hachette 0-670-21299-7 Arch
The Chateaux of France From the Archives of Country Life 1906-1907 1-85732-531-1 Arch
The Chateaux of the Loire 0-670-88644-0 Arch
The Cities of Ancient Andes 0-500-05086-4 Civi
The Colosseum 0-89236-648-6 Buil
The Complete Japanese Joinery 0-88179-121-0 Deta
The Complete Taj Mahal 0-500-34209-1 Buil
The Complete Woodblock Prints of Yoshida Hiroshi Art
The Construction of the Gothic Cathedral A Study of Medieval Vault Erection 0-226-25203-5 Arch
The Contemporary Mosque Architects, Clients and Designs since the 1950s 0-8478-2043-2 Type
The Dada Artists Collection Art
The De Young in the 21st Century A Museum by Herzog and de Meuron 0-500-34215-6 Buil
The Dome of the Rock 0-8478-1942-6 Arch
The Elements of Style A Practical Encyclopedia of Interior Architectural 0-671-73981-6 Arch
The Encyclopedia of Architecture The Classic 1867 Edition 0-517-54729-5 Arch
The Encyclopedia of How It's Built 0-89479-047-1 Arch
The Essence of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland A Historic Guide Regi
The Four Books of Architecture 0-262-16162-1 Arch
The Glass House 0-7148-4525-6 Type
The Glory that was Pompeii 0-8317-3925-8 City
The Gothic Cathedral 0-500-27681-1 Arch
The Gothic Enterprise A Guide to Understanding the Medieval Cathedral 0-520-23177-5 Arch
The Grand Canal 0-8478-244-89 City
The Grand Tour Shrines of Power 0-15-003725-2 Arch
The Grand Tour The Golden Age of Travel arch
The Grand Tour Traveling the World with an Architect's Eye 3-8228-2555-7 Arch
The Great Skyscrapers of the World 88-540-0000-0 Stru
The Hill Towns of Italy 0-525-93259-3 Regi
The Historic Country Hotels of England A Select Guide 0-03-004132-5 Regi
The Holy Place Architecture, Ideology, and History in Russia 978-0-300-11027-2 Hist
The Hotel Book Great Escapes Europe 3-8228-5889-7 Type
The House of God Church Architecture, Style and History 0-500-28556-X Type
The Houses of McKim, Mead & White 0-8478-2071-8 Arch
The Houses of Philip Johnson 0-7892-0114-3 Arch
The Iconic House Architectural Masterworks Since 1900 Arch
The Jacobean Country House From the Archives of Country Life 1-84513-136-3 Type
The Landmarks of New York An Illustrated Record of the City's Historic Build 1-58093-154-5 City
The Language of Post-Modern Architecture 0-8478-0167-5 Arch
The Levant History and Archaeology in the Eastern Mediterrane 3-8290-0495-8 Regi
The Lords of Tikal Rulers of an Ancient Maya City 0-500-05094-5 Arch
The Mansions of Long Islands Gold Coast 0-8478-2649-X Regi
The Medieval Castles of Ireland 0-85115-788-2 Regi
The Metropolis of To-morrow 0-910413-11-8 City
The Mosque 0-500-28345-1 Type
The Most Beautiful Country Towns of England 0-500-51235-3 Regi
The Most Beautiful Country Towns of Provence 0-500-51087-3 Regi
The Most Beautiful Country Towns of Tuscany 0-500-51052-0 Regi
The Most Beautiful Libraries of the World 0-8109-4634-3 Type
The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of the South 0-500-01999-1 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of Brittany 0-500-01935-5 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of Burgundy 0-500-01862-6 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of England 0-500-01905-3 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of France 0-500-54162-0 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of Greece 0-500-01834-0 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of Ireland 0-500-01998-3 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of New England 0-500-01800-6 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of Normandy 0-500-51072-5 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of Provence 0-500-54187-6 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of Scotland 0-500-51164-0 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of Spain 0-500-51128-4 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of the Dordogne 0-500-54201-5 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of the Loire 0-500-51051-2 Regi
The Most Beautiful Villages of Tuscany 0-500-01664-X Regi
The National Trust Book of British Castles 0-517-442299 Arch
The Nature of Dwellings The Architecture of David Hovey 0-8478-2645-7 Arch
The Neri Oxman Material Ecology Catalogue Art,
The New 100 Houses X 100 Architects Arch
The New American House 1 Innovations in Residential Design and Construction 0-8230-3163-2 Resi
The New American House 2 Innovations in Residential Design and Construction 0-8230-3164-0 Resi
The New American House 3 Innovations in Residential Design and Construction 0-8230-3192-6 Resi
The New American House 4 Innovations in Residential Design and Construction 0-8230-3176-4 Resi
The New American Swimming Pool Innovations in Design and Construction 0-8230-3175-6 Resi
The New Asian Architecture Vernacular Traditions and Contemporary Style 962-593-302-6 Arch
The New International House 0-8230-3167-5 Resi
The New Wood Architecture 3-927258-88-1 Arch
The Next House 0-8230-3203-5 Resi
The Old Church Book 0-7607-1406-1 Type
The Painted Ladies Revisited San Francisco's Resplendent Victorians Inside and 0-525-48508-2 Arch
The Paladian Ideal 0-8478-2158-7 Type
The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture Arch
The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture Comphrehensive Edition 0-7148-4312-1 Mode
The Pritzer Architecture Prize The First Twenty Years 0-8109-4371-9 Arch
The Queen Anne House American's Victoria Vernacular 0-8109-3085-4 Peri
The Rhetoric of Pier Luigi Nervi Arch
The Rhine Culture and Landscape at the Heart of Europe 0-500-51058-X Regi
The Rose Window Splendor & Symbol 0-500-51174-8 Deta
The Royal Palaces of India 0-500-27964-0 Regi
The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World The Great Monuments and How They Were Built 0-500-05096-1 Arch
The Seventy Wonders of the Modern World 1500 Years of Extraordinary Feats of Engineering a 0-500-51047-4 Arch
The Sistine Chapel A Glorious Restoration 0-8109-8176-9 Buil
The Sky's the Limit A Century of Chicago Skyscrapers 0-8478-2104-8 City
The Splendor of France Great Chateaux, Mansions, and Country Houses 0-7893-0012-5 Regi
The Stirling Prize Tens Years of Architecture and Innovation 1-85894-321-3 Mode
The Stone Carvers Master Craftsmen of Washington National Cathedral 1-56098-829-0 Buil
The Story of Britain's Best Buildings 1-55297-748-X Regi
The Tile Book Decorating with Fired Earth 1-57959-020-9 Deta
The United States Capitol Its Architecture and Decoration 0-393-03831-9 Buil
The Victorian House 0-7858-1117-6 Peri
The Villa From Ancient to Modern 0-8109-3944-4 Type
The Villas of Lucca 1-92074-472-X Buil
The Villas of Palladio 0-8212-1639-2 Arch
The Villas of Palladio 1-56898-396-4 Type
The Voynich Manuscript manu
The Way Called Beautiful Arti
The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright The Wendingen Edition 65-26722 Arch
The World of Chartres 0-8109-1796-3 Cath
The World of the Ancient Maya Section Edition 0-8014-3183-2 Arch
The World's Columbian Exposition The Chicago World's Fair of 1893 0-252-07081-X Buil
The World's Greatest Architecture Past and Present 0-7858-1327-6 Arch
Thebes in Eqypt A Guide to the Tombs and Temples of Ancient Luxor 0-8014-3693-1 Regi
Thirteen Months to Go The Creation of the Empire State Building 1-59223-105-5 Buil
Tokyo Architecture & Design 3-937718-46-X City
Tom Kundig Working Title Arch
Tom Kundig Works Arch
Toward a Concrete Utopia Architecture in Yogoslavia Arch
Towards a New Museum 1-885254-60-1 Arch
Traditional Japanese Stencil Designs 0-486-24791-0 Grap
Transformations The Architecture of Penoyre and Prasad 978-1-904772-675 Arch
Treasures of the French Renaissance Architecture, Sculpture, Paintings, Drawings 0-8109-3883-9 Arch
Treausures of Tutankamun 0-345-27349-4 Art
Tudor Style Tudor Revival Houses in America from 1890 to the P 0-7893-0793-6 Peri
Tuscan and Andalusian Reflections 20 Beautiful Homes Inspired by Old World Architect 0-9721539-2-6 Resi
UK Architecture in the United Kingdom 3-8228-3972-8 Regi
Ultimate Collector Cars Auto
Ultimate Hotel Design 3-8238-4594-2 Type
Ultimate London Design 3-8327-9138-8 Regi
Ultimate New York Design 3-8327-9107-8 Regi
Uncommon Sturctures, Unconventional Builders 1-57912-161-6 Type
Unfolding The Paper Art and Science of Mathew Shlian Arti
Urban Landscape Architecture Land
US Architecture in the United States 3-8228-5260-0 Regi
Van Gogh Art
Vanishing Histories 100 Endangered Sites from the World Monuments Watc 0-8109-1435-2 Arch
Venetian Palazzi 3-8228-7050-1 City
Venetian Villas 3-89508-242-2 City
Venice The City and its Architecture 0-7148-3864-0 City
Venice and the East 0-300-08504-4 City
Venice and the Veneto 0-78920-166-6 City
Venice: Art and Architecture 2 Volume Box Set 3-89508-593-6 City
Venturi Scott Brown & Associates 1986-1998 1-885254-97-0 Arch
Verhullter/Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin, 1971-1995 3-8228-8683-1 Arti
Versailles 0-517-334895 Arch
Versailles A Garden in Four Seasons 0-8109-5991-7 Gard
Vertigo The Strange New World of the Contemporary City 1-58423-001-1 Mode
Vestiges of Grandeur The Plantations of Louisiana's River Road 0-8118-1817-9 Regi
Vezelay The Great Romanesque Church 0-8109-3937-1 Buil
Victorian City and Country Houses Plans and Details 0-486-29080-8 Peri
Victorian Classics of San Francisco 0-915269-05-8 Peri
Victorian Domestic Architectural Plans and Details 734 Scale Drawing of Doorways, Windows, Staircases 0-486-25442-9 Arch
Victorian House Design 0-486-29438-2 Peri
Vienna Art and Architecture 3-8290-2044-9 City
Villa Architecture + Design Arch
Villas of Tuscany 0-86565-243-0 Regi
Visionaries: Anaon Horr
Visionary Drawing of Architecture and Planning 20th Century through the 1960s 0-262-03070-5 Arch
Visions of Heaven The Dome in European Architecture 1-56898-549-5 Deta
Vitamin D3 Today's Best in Contemporary Drawing Draw
Waddesdon Manor The Heritage of a Rothschild House 0-8109-3239-3 Buil
Walking Backwards (up an Apostle's Nose) Arti
Wall 0-8109-4559-2 Art
Walter Gropius Masters of World Architecture 60-13308 Arch
Washington 0-8317-9312-0 City
Washington, D.C. Then and Now 1-57145-191-9 City
Waterfront Homes 0-8230-7408-0 Mode
Webley Stadium Venue of Legends Arch
When I Remember I See Red American Indian Art Art
William Morris desi
William Pereira 1-890449-20-2 Arch
William Turnbull, Jr. Buildings in the Landscape 0-9651144-8-1 Arch
Windsor Castle An Illustrated History arch
Wineries with Style 1-84000-900-4 Type
Wineries/Bodegas Architecture & Design/Arquitectura y disenl 84-96241-78-5 Type
Wineries/Bodegas II Architecture & Design/Arquitectura y disenl Arch
Wonderful Cities of Italy 0-7607-4802-0 Regi
Wood New Directions in Design and Architecture 0-8118-3235-X Type
Wordsworth Color Handbooks: Cathedrals 1-85326-821-6 Cath
World Architecture An Illustrated History 0-89009-061-0 Arch
World Receivers Georgiana Houghton, Hilma af Lkint, Emma Junz arti
World Trade Center The Giants that Defied the Sky 88-8095-757-0 Buil
World's Biggest Buildings 1-57145-164-1 Type
Yin Yu Tang The Architectural and Daily Life of a Chinese Hous 0-8048-3487-3 Regi
Yorkshire Sales 0-75252-930-7 Regi
Zaha Hadid Architecture 3-7757-1364-6 Arch